Our values


Apireas properties has a code of ethics to which it adheres scrupulously: honesty, integrity and respect for others. The professional code of ethics of the real estate profession remains the cornerstone of our corporate ethos.

Apireas properties is resolutely opposed to any conflict of interest, any ambiguity that might arise in a transaction is instantly reported and, should such a situation arise, chacal properties will remain strictly neutral.

Respect for our associates

Apireas properties has evolved a working model based on a network of independent associates. The model is for our associates to flourish in your organisation whilst maintaining chacal properties corporate ethos. Our associates can work in your organisations, adapting their style to make them all the more effective in meeting their commitments.

Respect for future generations.

Apireas properties cares about the future of our planet and the generations still to come. We are committed to sustainabilty,in order to limit the use of finite resources and reduce our negative environmental impact.

Wherever possible, chacal properties recycles used materials to give them a second life. We develop innovative management methods, encourage energy saving and select only those service providers that meet requirements. Waste and failure to respect the natural world are unacceptable to us.

A sense of humour

Apireas properties firmly believes in the value of laughter and a good sense of humour to help steer a business towards positive outcomes from every experience. Should difficulties arise in a particular situations, we feel this approach makes it easier to achieve a degree of objectivity. Associates and clients share a sense of fun as well as a serious work ethic: herein lies one of the secrets of chacal properties’ success.